Drum Hack: How to use Yamaha Hardware with Sonor Drums

Sonor Drum Holder in Yamaha Cymbal Arm Holder

I love Yamaha drum hardware. For me the best hardware for drums on the planet. I use them on both my Yamaha drum sets I own: the Recording and Rock Tour Custom.

Recently I started playing in a Band again and I wanted to use my spare Sonor S-Class Pro kit as the Live kit. Of course again with Yamaha Hardware, I am used to it and never change a running system. But stop: the tom holders are a different diameter size than the great Yamaha 3 slot hardware (see in the picture above). Bummer, now what? Well, the Yamaha Cymbal Arms offer the solution: both, the long and short arm version come with a lower holder and that has the exact diameter to put the Sonor Tom Holder in. VoilĂ , Problem solved!

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