Welcome and Hello!

Hi there wherever you are. Its great you found your way to my Site.

You might ask: why the heck MusicProgrammerFinance Blog?

Well, since I am a Musician and iOS programmer the connection was logical and I started to write Apps for musicians. While designing and maintaining the Apps I learned a lot about Swift, SwiftUI and the Audio Frameworks of iOS.

So you will read about Apples iOS frameworks and its potential to drive Audio applications.

Finances however is a topic which I think lots of people neglect. Which is a pity because it is quite easy to get control over your personal finances and get out of the unhealthy spiral of dept, interest and looming bankruptcy.

There will be articles about gaining control of your finances and tips how to stay in the black numbers. This articles about finances will be mainly in German and I provide and English translation since I primarily know about German tax laws and bank stuff.

With that I leave it for today and hope you come back and have a good time reading my articles.


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